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Great, you're in the right place!

Whatever DEI programming you currently do,
Inequality-opoly can elevate and supplement it!

Discussion Groups

ERG's are a necessary part of any DEI programming. Whether meeting in person or virtually Inequality-opoly can make these groups more engaging.


Videos are great! So great that we created a playlist of videos about the topics addressed in the game. Check out our YouTube channel.

Role Playing

Role Plays are great. We also offer role-playing activities inspired by Augusta Boal's "Theatre of the Oppressed". Ever heard of "Colombian Hypnosis"?


Great minds think alike. Games are a great way to supplement DEI programming!


Inequality-opoly can elevate any event aimed to build awareness on these topics. Celebratory Months like Black History, Women's History Month, and the like.

Book Clubs

Book clubs are great ways to go deeper into specific topics. Inequality-opoly is based on many amazing books. Let Inequality-opoly join the book club!

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