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10 Reasons to Gamify Diversity Training with Inequality-opoly

  1. Gamification: Inequality-opoly offers a unique way to initiate discussions about diversity, inclusion, and the impacts of structural racism and Deep Engagement through Gamification: Gamification is well-studied for enhancing learner engagement with topics. Inequality-opoly, by leveraging this approach, offers a unique way to initiate deeper discussions about diversity, inclusion, and structural inequalities.

  2. Expertly Designed Educational Tool: Created by a lifelong educator, Inequality-opoly transforms complex societal concepts into an engaging game format, making learning about these serious issues more accessible and understandable. Its significance is underscored by its permanent display at The Strong National Museum of Play.

  3. Enhances Team Building & Reusability: This game strengthens team dynamics through shared learning and open dialogue. Its replayability makes it a lasting asset for various settings including offices, happy hours, college classrooms, high schools, and homes.

  4. Promotes Empathy and Awareness: Encourages players to step into different societal roles, fostering empathy and a deeper understanding of challenges related to race, gender, and class.

  5. Interactive Learning & Extended Resources: Offers an interactive approach to learning about diversity and inclusion, more effective than traditional methods. Additionally, there is an accompanying blog and newsletter that delve deeper into the topics discussed in the game.

  6. Versatile for Diverse Settings: Ideal for both remote and in-person teams. The game is already being played in various settings like offices, happy hours, college classrooms, high schools, and homes.

  7. Supports Diversity Training with Levity: The game adds much-needed levity to DEI trainings, making it a perfect addition to such programs and offering a fresh, engaging approach to these topics.

  8. Encourages Critical Thinking: Challenges players to think critically about societal structures and their impacts, helping to develop analytical skills.

  9. Inclusive Company Culture & Healthy Discussions: Utilizing this game can aid in fostering a more inclusive company culture. Games like Inequality-opoly foster healthy discussions about diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  10. Catalyst for Change, Cost-Efficiency & Practicality: Exposes players to the realities of structural inequality, inspiring action towards a more equitable society. More cost-efficient than hiring a DEI firm and practical for long-term use in various educational and work environments.

Inequality-opoly stands out as a multifaceted tool, combining education, engagement, and critical discussion, making it an invaluable resource for enhancing understanding and empathy on vital societal issues. Try Inequality-opoly Today!

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